The idea of ‘flawless white skin is in’ is what our society dictates. This concept of what is ‘ideal’ is often depicted through advertisements, TV commercials and other social media. Hence, many people are encouraged to do everything to achieve a fair skin may it be through taking some medications or supplements, a change in diet or by doing various natural remedies at home.

No matter how tedious these skin whitening regimens are, many people are determined to achieve this goal of having that ‘perfect’ look. In fact, several pharmaceutical companies have released skin whitening products in the market. However, we should bear in mind that using or taking these products may also bring side effects that may be harmful to our health. Hence, though it may seem tiresome to do skin whitening remedies at home, it is advisable to go natural. Not only that it has less side effects, but also, it allows you to save money because most of these remedies are found at home.

One of the most effective skin whitening remedies is orange, which has high vitamin C content, the most important ingredient in skin care. Plus, oranges have bleaching properties that can lighten your skin tone. In fact, it has been found that regular consumption of fresh orange juice can greatly improve the overall texture of your skin as well as its suppleness. To lighten your skin, oranges can be used in two different ways.

On the other hand, changing your diet and lifestyle can also help in achieving a healthy white skin. It was proven that the most important element for whitening your skin is a balanced diet, as it will help give your skin a healthy glow. Processed products should be removed from your diet because the altered ingredients can cause blemishes and redness. Many people choose to eat organic and whole foods that contain high fiber and low sugar to avoid developing bad skin.

Lastly, you can also try making your own facial mask at home. Take a lemon zest or lemon rind (the outer skin grated), dry them out under the sun and then grind them to a powdered form. Keep in a dry air tight container and when you decided to use it, mix it with raw milk and use as a pack on affected areas. Wash off with warm water and immediately use a cool toner.