Breast cancer is the formation of malignant cells in the cells of the breast. In a famous country, studies have shown that breast cancer is the second most common cancer after skin cancer.


The exact cause of breast cancer is not yet known. But there are factors known as risk factors that increase the likelihood of getting the disease. The female gender is a risk factor in getting a breast cancer. Other factors are the age, having certain breast cancer genes, long-term use of hormone replacement therapy, family history of breast cancer, drinking alcohol, and many other factors. In some cases, even in the absence of risk factors, people will still develop the cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

Knowing any abnormality in how you feel about your breast needs to be investigated. By doing monthly breast self-exams, identifying changes in the breast is easily done. Some of the changes in the breast are changes in how the nipple or breast feels, changes in appearance including change in size and shape, dimpling, shrinkage on one part of the breast, and the presence of nipple discharges.


There are various approach in the treatment of breast cancer. Some include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy. But there are also factors to be considered on what treatment to choose like the presentation and behavior of the breast cancer cells. The staging of the tumor is also crucial in choosing the therapy. Other factors to keep in mind are the age, general health of the patient and different preferences.