Baby diarrhea: Causes, Symptoms, Remedy, Treatment, Medicine, Signs, Cure

Symptoms Passing out loose stools is normal among newborns and babies because they basically consume milk, either by breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Once solid foods are introduced to them, you can expect firmer stools. The simplest way to know if your baby has diarrhea is to compare it with his or her usual bowel movement. Take note of the frequency and consistency. If his or her stools become more frequent and watery, then he or she might be suffering from [...]

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Toothache: Home Remedy, Cure, Treatment, Medicine, Medication, Causes

Toothache is usually due to cavities that come from bacteria thriving in sugary or starchy foods that can possibly cling to your teeth and gums. Once the infection reaches the root of the tooth, it surely causes pain. Aside from this, cracked tooth, gum line abscess and a sinus condition can also lead to toothache. Hence, it is necessary to have it checked by your dentist, but if you cannot make it right away, it would be helpful to know [...]

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Schwarm Anzeichen: Wie finde ich heraus, wer auf mich steht? Heimlicher Verehrer

Mag er /sie mich? Steht er auf mich? Woran du merkst das er auf dich steht? Hat er Interesse? Wir können dir sagen, ob er/sie auf die steht oder nicht. Es gibt bestimmte Indikatoren und Hinweise. "Ich finde ihn wirklich toll." Aber empfindet er genauso? Gerade zu Beginn einer Beziehung wissen viele Frauen einfach nicht wo Sie bei ihrem vermeintlichen Traummann dran sind. "Was empfindet er für mich?" Gar nicht so einfach, herauszufinden, ob ein Mann verliebt ist. Wir verraten Ihnen eindeutige Signale. [...]

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Flatulence or Gas pain: Remedy, Treatment, Cure, Medicine

    Our body gets energy from different varieties of food that we eat. One of the results of eating and digestion is flatulence or the formation and accumulation of intestinal gas called flatus. Though it is considered as a normal occurrence, it may be excessive that it results to pain, discomfort and even embarrassment. Hence, it would be helpful if you'll learn some ways on how to prevent flatulence and how to manage it once it occurs. How to [...]

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Rabies: Home remedy, Treatment, Medicine, Cure, Signs, Symptoms, Causes

Rabies is a serious condition that requires prompt management. It is not safe to solely rely on natural herbal remedies to treat this condition. Special medical attention is needed to save or prolong the life of a patient and prevent the spread of infection. However, there are some first aid treatment and supportive care that can be done at home, which can help a patient suspected or possible to have rabies. There's no specific treatment for rabies infection. Though a [...]

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How to know if a guy or girl has a crush on me? Signs for you

Having a crush or admiring someone is a normal response we usually experience when we notice admirable traits or when we simply like the way how another person looks or behaves. It is something that we suddenly feel and it doesn't require so much time for us to develop this kind of feeling. Like when we watch a movie and the main character has tantalizing eyes or has that wit or intelligent humor, we suddenly felt that desire to see [...]

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Canker Sores: Home remedy, Treatment, Medicine, Cure, Causes, Medication

Canker sores, mouth sores or apthous stomatitis are mouth ulcers with no known cause. However, there are certain factors that may contribute to the development of mouth ulcers. These include biting the cheek or lip, stress and immunodeficiency. Though there is nothing serious to worry about, having mouth ulcers can cause pain and discomfort which can later on affect our ability to chew the food that we eat as well as the way we talk. Most of the time, we [...]

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Asthma: Home Remedies, Treatment, Cure, Medication, Medicine, Healing

Asthma can attack anytime, especially when a person become exposed to irritants such as smoke, cold or dry air, pollen, mold or dust mites. Aside from these, it can also be triggered by other factors such as hormonal fluctuations, stress and extreme emotions. As a result, difficulty of breathing may be experienced by the patient and can also be life-threatening. Hence, it is important for us to know the proper intervention to manage an acute attack, how to prevent it [...]

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Arthritis: Home remedies, Treatment, Cure, Medicine, Therapy, Medication

Freedom of movement is what everyone needs in facing the demands of daily life, may it be at work, school or just at home as we do different household chores. However, our ability to move may become limited as we age or when we suffer from different types of chronic illnesses such as arthritis which is defined as inflammation of one or more joints. Though there are various types of arthritis, we can say that they have something in common. [...]

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Tripper, Gonorrhoe: Anzeichen, Symptome, Peinlich Abhilfe, Medikament, Behandlung, Rezept, Hausmittel

Was sind die Anzeichen / Symptome bei Tripper/ Gonorrhoe? Welche Symptome zeigen sich bei Gonorrhö? Die Krankheitserreger werden hauptsächlich bei ungeschütztem Geschlechtsverkehr weitergegeben. Nicht in jedem Fall verursacht die Gonokokken-Infektion Beschwerden. Viele Betroffene stecken ihre Sexualpartner daher unwissentlich an. Die Anzeichen einer Infektion mit Gonorrhoe sind leicht zu erkennen. Tripper macht sich meistens mit Ausfluss sowie Brennen beim Wasserlassen bemerkbar. Die Krankheit kann aber auch andere Symptome verursachen – oder völlig unbemerkt bleiben. Es dauert etwa zwei bis drei Tage, bis sich [...]

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