Having a crush or admiring someone is a normal response we usually experience when we notice admirable traits or when we simply like the way how another person looks or behaves. It is something that we suddenly feel and it doesn’t require so much time for us to develop this kind of feeling. Like when we watch a movie and the main character has tantalizing eyes or has that wit or intelligent humor, we suddenly felt that desire to see or hear him frequently. Sometimes, you do not notice that you’ve been spending much time watching or listening to them. But having a crush is far from being in love. You have to draw the line between these two abstract feelings. It’s like saying a young girl can have a crush on a handsome actor or even a superhero in a TV show, but you cannot say that she’s fallen in love with these characters. Or when we browse our social media account or log on an online dating site, we notice someone because he or she is undeniably eye-catching, but we cannot say that we’ve  fallen in love with him or her.

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When a guy blushes when you’re around or when you’re talking to him, he may have a crush on you. He may also fidget a lot, because he is nervous.

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Stealing glances at someone is one of the signs that someone has a crush on you. Girls especially like to pretend they’re not looking, but steal glances at a guy that they like or have a crush on.

Paano malalaman kung gusto ka ng crush mo, senyales lalaki babae

It may not be necessarily serendipity if you keep on bumping into a guy or girl. This person you bump into may be making ways for you to meet and get a chance to talk to you and get to know you better.

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We exactly know the feeling of having a crush, but how would you know if someone has a crush on you? This topic is very interesting to discuss. It can save us from embarrassment, humiliation and false hopes assuming that someone likes us. Here are five simple ways to know if someone has a crush on you:

  1. If someone searched for your social media account and added you as a friend or followed you right after you meet, he or she might be interested to know more about you. Sometimes you may notice that he or she seems to be stalking your account and likes most if not all your posts.
  2. He or she will keep in touch with you and send text messages for no important reason. He or she just wants to check on you, to know what you are currently doing and if you are available to go out for a ‘friendly’ lunch or dinner or on a date.
  3. If they will offer to drive you home or pay for the bill when you hangout, this may show that he or she is showing a deeper interest.
  4. If he or she gets nervous and a little sweaty from the forehead, or stumbles over his words when you are around, then he or she might have a feeling towards you.
  5. If you find him or her staring at you during class, work or even during idle moments and shows so much interest and pays a lot of attention whenever you talk, then this might also be a sign.

There are also subtle signs to look for to find out if a person likes you or is crushing on you. CONTINUE